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A-Z of the Label Printers


pos label printers
POS label printers


A label printer differs from any of the ordinary printers since it requires a special kind of feeding mechanism for the purpose of handling the rolled or the fanfold stock. It is widely used for the purpose of supply chain management, retail price marking, for marking the blood or laboratory specimen and for managing the fixed assets.

The Label Printers Can be Classified according to the Printing Mechanism Involved

Various types of printing mechanisms are present in the ‘label printers’ such as a laser, thermal or impact. On the basis of the printing mechanism, a label printer is of the following kinds.

  • The Direct Thermal Printers: The ‘direct thermal’ label printers use ‘heat-sensitive’ paper. The labels fade within 6 months when exposed to a chemical vapor, direct sunlight, and heat. These labels are used as ‘shipping labels’.
  • The Thermal Transfer Printers: The ‘thermal transfer’ label printers are dependent on heat for the transfer of ink from a ribbon onto the labels for the purpose of permanent printing. They are used for direct ‘thermal printing’. The PVC ‘vinyl material’ used in these printers prolong the life of the labels in ‘pipe markers’.

The Various Types of Label Printers

  • Desktop Printers: The desktop printers are used for light work. They are cheap and silently function. They use 4 inches stock roll.
  • Industrial Printers: The industrial label printers are the ‘heavy-duty’ printers which are widely used in factories, warehouses as well as the ‘distribution centers’. These printers are held by hand and use hard cases. They are used widely at the construction sites and production floors for electrical installations.
  • RFID Readers: The RFID readers are the special type of printers which print and encode on ‘RFID transponders’. Printed information is needed for the ‘RFID tags’.
  • Personal Printers: The personal label printers are also called the ‘label makers’. They are used in offices and small businesses. They are used in the small businesses for their lost cost of operation. They need special tapes for printing. They make use of
  • These printers are also known label makers. They are designed for small business or home office. As they are of low cost, entrepreneurs of small businesses purchase them. However, they require special tapes such as thermal in which they can be printed. The thermal paper used in these printers is expensive.

If you have adequate knowledge of the various types of label printers, choosing the right label printer for your business will not be a difficult task.


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