Label printers

All That You Need to Know About Label Printers

Zebra 2824

‘Label printer’ is the computer printer that is used for printing on card stock or ‘self-adhesive’ labels. These printers differ from the ordinary printers as they require ‘special feed’ mechanisms for handling tear sheet or rolled stock. Ethernet, parallel, USB, and wireless connectivity are used for the label printers. They are widely used in packaging labels, retail price marking, supply chain management, and for management of fixed assets.

Some of the Widely Used Label Printers

  •  Thermal Transfer (TT) Label Printers: The thermal transfer label printers are long-lasting and of high-quality. There are various types of thermal transfer printers such as the entry-level, low-cost desktop models to the continuous printing industrial grade systems. These industrial label printers are used for high-volume professional printing. They make use of ink ribbons crafted from resin and wax. The TT printers make use of low heat settings.
  •  Direct Thermal (DT) Label Printers: The direct thermal printers are similar to the thermal transfer label printers but do not need the ink ribbon. The labels which pass through the DT printers have the special chemical layer beneath its surface that is heat activated for creating the printed images. Without the printing ribbon, the cost for every label is low but labels can be pricey for the chemicals used in them. These label printers are not meant to be used for a long time especially under the exposure of UV light. These printers are preferred for being affordable and for their ease of being set-up with a single ‘media supply’ to the monitor. The labels printed by the DT label printers are not as sharp and vibrant as those produced by the TT label printers.
  • Laser label Printers: The inkjet and laser labels sold in sheets are an economical and good choice for in-demand and on-site printing. The longevity of the laser labels can vary from indoor general applications to the cold or wet temperature applications. The laser sheets make use of dry toner either in full color or black which gives the flexibility to color coding and to add graphics.

With a good idea of the different kinds of label printers, you can invest in the right one for your business.


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